3 Over 4 Under

There’s a lot of exciting development happening in Perth. City Link, Elizabeth Quay, Kings Square and Victoria Quay, Freo, and many incidentals in between. The seven speakers were all discussing ‘rejuvenation’ of the public realm and the opportunities in Perth at the moment. It was good to get a hands on account of the projects, from the people who are doing them, rather than just seeing images in a newspaper. Still I always find that venue difficult for these talks – the stuffy atmosphere makes me sleepy after a whole day at work, the chairs are uncomfortable and I find it hard to hear in there (or maybe I’m just getting old!) Excellent food though and certainly I don’t think there are any other free events, with booze, that have such great content. I just felt for the presenters as it was clear some people didn’t give them as much attention as they deserved.

Well done also to Kieran Wong of CODA for winning the Emerging Architect Prize (WA). I know the criteria is 15 years from uni, but it just seems odd for Kieran (or CODA for that matter) to be considered emerging. I don’t know, it just seems they have already achieved so much in architecture, they have a tremendous body of work and it seems a great capacity for research / pushing boundaries, that where can they emerge too? Perhaps there needs to be another category for this kind of architect, not emerging (caterpillar) but not quite ‘complete’ (butterfly) but something in between?? (chrysalis?)


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