Architecture Month

Phew, so that was Architecture Month. Well done to everyone who helped organise events and activities, I’m sure it was a mammoth effort. Did everyone enjoy themselves?

Rod Mollett was saying at the closing movie night on Friday that they probably wont do a whole month again as it was so much work. I really enjoyed the Norman Foster movie BTW – I didn’t realise how environmental his projects are, and he really likes pushing boundaries. Was very interesting to see, I don’t think I’d heard much about his ‘non-architectural’ life before.

UPDATE – I couldn’t make it to Box City, so thanks to Sam McGahan for sending me some pics of the event, with the comment “I took my children to participate and they loved it.  Designing their building, getting planning permission, creating the model then getting approval to put it in the right zone in the city – fantastic.” Thanks Sam!


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