Happy 2013

Happy New Year Perth Architects (and other interested peeps).

Christmas in Perth

Once again the silly season has passed and most of us are back behind the computers, designing brilliance and churning through emails. And maybe consuming a ton of coffee to get over all the over-indulgences of the short but sweet break. (Or that might just be me…)

So, as it has been for the past few years, one of my resolutions is to do a bit better on this blog. I’ve got a pile of news to share so will try and get this updated soon.

I’ve just received my nifty little Annual Report from WordPress for 2012. I am very grateful for the 34 000 views I got last year, even though I only wrote a rather-dismal 44 posts – a new low for me. So now I have something to work towards, and a reason to up my game.

So thanks to everyone who checked out this blog last year and for continuing to come back and read up on whats going on in Perth, and the architectural community. Thanks to those who commented, and those who sent through supportive emails and pictures. And thanks to all my ‘friends’ on Facebook, I hope this little blog is providing something of benefit to you all. I look forward to hearing more from you all this year, and look out for some exciting new content. If you ever have anything to add to the blog, please email me at pertharchitecture@live.com.au or comment on any blog posts, and I should pick it up.

Here’s to an exciting 2013 for Perth Architecture…


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