New Architectural Review is brilliant

OK, I’m not sure if it is actually new, or if its been out for a little while, but I have only just got to read the latest edition of Architectural Review Asia Pacific, titled ‘New Civic Realms’. It’s so well written, and has a great variety of architects, projects and thoughts within. Really one of my fave archi / design mags, as it’s one I can happily pass on to my non-archi friends.

There’s quite a few Perth architects mentioned, with a feature article on the Lime St Residences by Formworks and a round-up discussion of Kimberley/Pilbara projects including ARM’s Hedland Sports Centre, CODA’s Broome North development and IPH’s West Kimberley Regional Prison. (well, in theory… Unfortunately CODA and IPH gave quite a bad impression of Perth architects, with both canceling their site visits at the very last minute – once Editor Simon Sellars was already up there to take a look at their projects. How disappointing. And odd…)

Anyway, some major highlights from the latest edition for me were the above mentioned reviews (I particularly like the Lime St Residences analysis; there’s some neat detailing on that complex. And also Formworks must have a brilliant publicity agent!), the fascination with the pindan and mining culture of our northern communities and how they are being affected by FIFO workers, Andrew Burns’ thoughts on design, a discussion on ‘Fiction Architecture’ (although honestly some of that went right over my head, I still found it an interesting premise!), the Bangkok Fai Fah for disadvantaged youth, the bizarre Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Centre … the list goes on. It’s just a really good read, I encourage you all to get your hands on a copy if you can.



2 thoughts on “New Architectural Review is brilliant

  1. At least ARM Perth showed up and even took Simon to the infamous Port Hedland’s Pier Hotel to have a beer after their site visit !

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