FESA Hotel Builder announced

Artists' impression from thewest.com.au

Artists’ impression from thewest.com.au

Wow, so only a little over six months ago, I wrote that the government was looking for developers for a hotel at FESA House in East Perth. And now they’ve actually completed the process – seems the government might be keen to get a few projects on the go before we all head off to the polls this year.

BGC have been selected to develop the site, which is now not just a hotel but also a ‘mixed-use development’. The briefing process looks set to take place over the next three months.

Apparently there were a number of tenders, with each submission including architects drawings and costing. Wonder how we can get a look at these?? (I’m not entirely convinced by BGC’s design shown above…) I would be interested in seeing what designers believed could be achieved on the site, its such a great location. I’d also like to see how many believed the existing building/s could be retained – according to BGC Director Julian Ambrose ” key heritage assets of the site would be kept and upgraded but the FESA office building would be demolished”, despite the Heritage Council of WA looking to list the Brutalist office building last year.


3 thoughts on “FESA Hotel Builder announced

  1. agreed lazy, a fantastic opportunity for a daring developer with a great architect to give this city something world class.

    the building was not heritage listed as the minister did not think it warranted inclusion on the register…

    anyway, the demolition could be fun, the building is post-tensioned concrete, built to last forever. i reckon you could sell tickets to the event.

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