Win a Trip to Next Year’s Biennale

Wow, this is pretty cool. The Institute recently announced a new prize open to WA architects. The Gil Nicol Travel Prize will be awarded to a WA ’emerging’ (for want of a better word!) architect who is making a significant contribution to the built environment.
Although noted as a bi-annual (twice a year) prize, I assume it’s biennale (every second year) – or Gil Nicol’s estate is being very generous, as the prize is to the value of $15 000 and includes two return economy tickets to the 2014 Venice Biennale, accommodation and spending money. What a prize!
What a great bequest from one of WA’s celebrated and dedicated architects.
Entry criteria include registration, Institute membership, graduation within the last 15 years, and I assume a kick-arse ability to sell yourself as being brilliant and affecting our built environment in a truly significant way.
Entries close 26th July, so better get cracking. Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Win a Trip to Next Year’s Biennale

    • Yes, does age really matter?
      Corb did Villa La Roche and Villa Jeanneret and developed most of Vers une architecture before he was 38.
      Palladio had finished the Palazzo Civena, Villa Saraceno and Villa Godi, and many others, all before his 38th birthday.
      I believe Jorn Utson may have been 38 when he designed the Opera House?
      And then others eg Louis Kahn and I would argue Frank Gehry, really hit their straps at a much later stage in their lives.
      So again, how long do we ’emerge’ for? It would seem some emerge slower than others…

      • Yes I think emerging is somewhat limited in definition. You could say graduates are the only architects truly emerging in some way. It can take 10 years before a practice starts producing significant works. Others crack it earlier – depends on your business model I suspect.
        I can see our practice doing its most significant work in the next 10 years so that’s quite scary from an age perspective – it’s been a slow burn more than a definitive emergence. There’s a thread of theory there that takes time to develop in built form, often crystallising in a single moment of clarity hopefully in ones career . I think AR international has got it pretty right – 45 you either crack a one off gem or you have a body of work leading to some point or in some direction .

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