Perth Cultural Centre lauded by PPS


Project for Public Spaces has confirmedwhat I have long believed – the Perth Cultural Centre is a pretty sweet space. Especially at the moment with all the Fringe activity going on.

Apparently unique in combining our cultural institutions with a great range of outdoor spaces and activation tools such as the big screen, PPS believes this is a one of a kind space, which should be teaching other cities ‘how to do it’.

Good work Perth!




4 thoughts on “Perth Cultural Centre lauded by PPS

  1. most of the time it’s, bleak, empty and hot. and the pink and yellow stripes on the steps – ugly.

    at the moment, full of festival events and major exhibitions at the art gallery it’s a great space, especially at night. now, if it could stay that way it would be great.

    • I actually don’t think of the place as bleak, I like relaxing in the urban orchard and on the steps in front of Polly, most of the year ’round, but yes, some more shade would be good.

      I’ve spent a bit of time in the past few weeks at Fringe World, and it’s been very exciting, and has a great feel. So how do we keep this atmosphere going longer? A bar? Obviously that’s where the majority of people are spending their time. The City of Perth is probably hesitant to issue a permanent small bar licence here, but on the days I’ve been here recently, I haven’t seen any violence or stupid behaviour, everyone’s just been in a good mood. What makes this place different? The fact it’s outside? It’s not too small? Live music maybe? And interesting characters. Or are people really embracing this space at the moment exactly because it’s temporary? Perhaps it wouldn’t work long-term.
      I really like the old-school village feel of all the different tents and spaces too, does a sense of heritage and diversity encourage activation of a space?
      Why do you think the Cultural Centre works/doesn’t?

  2. ok, the urban orchard is good, as is the stretch between the museum and art gallery.

    but my overwhelming impression is always the amphitheatre – bleak, hot, ugly. even when there is something to do, it’s still just an awkward connection between levels.

    the current atmosphere is great – light, activity, variety. so much better than its normal late night state – frightening.

    a permanent small bar, some cool lighting, music, activities – that would be very cool.

    and shade, more shade.

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