Jury Presentations this Saturday

So the presentation to juries is on this Saturday. This always looks really interesting – so annoyed this is on the same weekend as Blues & Roots! This will be an opportunity for some of the great architectural minds in Perth to present their award nominees, and should be interesting to listen to presentations on some of Perth’s great projects this year including the the Perth Arena, the Office of the Premier and Cabinet, Brookfield Place, and lots of interesting looking resi projects. To plan your day, the full programme is available here

If anyone goes ( and the event is open to everybody!) I’d love to hear about it!


4 thoughts on “Jury Presentations this Saturday

  1. Thank you for this!!!! Seriously without this blog, a lot of Perth architectural graduates or professionals probably would not know about these events! Its fantastic.

  2. it would have been extremely helpful if there had been some signage directing people to the various venues, which were scattered around the campus.

    it was extremely frustrating to have to deal with such a lack of professionalism.

    the presentations i did see (about half a dozen) were varied and interesting. there is some great work going on in perth.

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