German-based architect is 2013 Gold Medal winner

Despite leaving Australia 42 years ago at the conclusion of his uni studies, Peter Wilson of German based firm Bolles + Wilson is the AIA’s 2013 Gold Medal winner. According to their website, they have only completed one project in Australia in the last ten years.

The Institute’s website provides no mention of why Peter Wilson was selected as this year’s winner. Seriously Institute, if you are going to have a website with a News section, you need to keep it updated!

ArchitectureAU has however organised an article on his work and the jury criteria.

Interesting considering the current furor over Denise Scott-Brown’s comments regarding Robert Venturi’s Pritzker Prize, that another male architect working full-time with his wife, has been awarded a major architect prize (although I suppose they couldn’t give the prize to the duo, as only one is Australian?). I actually find it strange to ‘reward’ one director of a firm with a prize, when obviously more than one contributed to the architectural oeuvre. So if you can’t award both directors, perhaps you shouldn’t award either? Anyway, well done to Peter Wilson, this year’s winner. Wonder if he’s still going to do the Australian tour, as he doesn’t work here?

UPDATE: Thanks to Jacqueline who discovered this link advising Peter will be starting his Gold Medal Tour in Perth, on the 7th Oct. This link also details the jury citation for his award.


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