Architects Board Award

I received news today that the Architects Board of WA is calling for nominations for ‘its prestigious Architects Board Award for 2013.’

In their words:

The intention of the Award is to recognise architects registered in Western Australia whose attitudes and personal contributions to the profession and/or community have enhanced public confidence in the standing of the profession, and/or promoted public awareness of the profession and the activities of the Board.

There are many architects who, by individual effort and example, ensure that the profession has a respected voice in forming professional and community standards.  It is to those, whose true value may otherwise go unrecognised, that this honour is awarded.  It is not intended that the Board Award should be made to recognise the successful career of an architect, building design or academic excellence.  It is awarded to recognise special endeavours outside of those which would be considered the normal business activities of an architect.  These special endeavours should form the main focus of the nomination.  Reference to buildings and projects should only be included if they are relevant to the special endeavours of the architect.

If you know of someone who may be worthy of this honour, please contact the Architects Board of WA via email or by phoning (08) 9287 9920.


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