Equity Workshop next week

There is an interactive Equity Workshop on next week at the Institute, for those who are interested in encouraging equity in architecture, and to collect and share good practices for perpetuating equity in the workplace.

It’s on Monday the 22nd July, 5pm for a 5:30 start, $10 per person. You can register online here.

This is an initiative of the Australian Institute of Architects, in association with Parlour: Women, Equity, Architecture and the research project ‘Equity and Diversity in the Australian Architecture Profession: Women, Work, and Leadership’.

If any of the following issues are of concern to you, then this workshop is your opportunity to have a say on future policy and recommended practice:
1. Pay equity: moving towards equal pay between women and men in architecture.
2. Leadership: how to promote and support women to senior roles in architecture.
3. Recruitment: equitable recruitment and hiring diverse talent in architecture.
4. Mentorship: mentors, sponsors and career champions in architecture.
5. Negotiation: negotiating flexible working conditions in architecture.
6. Long hours: challenging the long-hours culture in architecture.
7. Part-time: meaningful part-time work in architecture.
8. Flexibility: making flexible patterns work in architecture.
9. Career break: returning from parental leave and other career breaks in architecture.
10. Registration: supporting women who choose to register as architects.

The outcomes of the workshops will influence three distinct documents currently under development:
An Institute internal policy to promote equity within its own operations and activities (under development);
An Institute public policy to set out the organisation’s general position on equity and diversity (under development);
A series of guides to equitable practice in the architecture profession in Australia, produced by Parlour in association with the Institute.

The Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice have been released in draft form for consultation, and are available for download and comment at http://www.archiparlour.org/parlour-guides-call-for-feedback/ . The consultation process will continue until August, with the final guides released in late 2013.


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