Perth-led Design Team are Creative Directors of Australia’s Pavilion at Venice Biennale

The Creative Directors for Australia’s Pavilion at the Venice Biennale have been announced – a collaboration between Fremantle multidisciplinary firm Felix, Sophie Giles and Professor Simon Anderson from UWA and Professor Philip Goad from the University of Melbourne.

Their proposal, Augmented Australia 1914-2014 will showcase 21 unbuilt projects via 3d modelling, able to be viewed on smartphones/tablets throughout the physical space. The projects will include the Australian Pavilion by DCM (currently unbuilt, but will be in construction for the exhibition), 10 unbuilt public buildings by contemporary architects, and 10 unbuilt historical designs of note, as selected by Professor Goad.

Explaining his team’s approach, Felix’s Rene Van Meeuwen observed that, “For every finished building there are countless designs that for whatever reason don’t eventuate and these masterpieces often remain hidden to the outside world. These lost projects provide a wealth of insight into architecture for an Australian setting from the past 100 years, and are often more exciting than those that end up getting built.”

Submissions for the contemporary projects are now open. Projects need to be an unbuilt proposal for a public building on an Australian site, created within the past twenty years. Submissions can be made online here

For more information on the announcement check out the AA articles here and here

Well done Felix, great to see a Perth firm representing Australia at such an international forum. This project seems really exciting and great to see the opportunities of augmented reality realised in such a way.


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