Kevin Mark Low Tickets Half Price


Kevin Mark Low, of Small Projects, Malaysia, is coming to Perth on the 12th September as part of the International Speaker Series. His work is beautiful, with a considered palette and skilled use of materiality showcasing natural, ordered design.

The Institute says:
Following on from his role as a keynote speaker for the 2013 regional conference in Cairns, Spirit of Place Kevin Low will undertake a national tour as the next face of the renowned International Speaker Series.

Kevin studied architecture and art history in the United States from 1983 to 1991. Working alone since small projects was born in 2002, he lives, writes, designs and teaches primarily in Malaysia, the country where his architectural work originates. Engaged in the search for questions rather than solutions, his work is plural in outcome, focused on addressing necessity, time, relevance, and the specificity of context as a process of design. With each project, big or small, he is interested in how issues and elements, both large and small, only ever find meaning in the intimate junctions where they meet, and how the big picture is less about finding radical solutions, than a radical way of framing questions. His selected work has been published in architectural journals from Europe, Asia and Oceania, and in a book he has written, smallprojects (adaptus 2010), distributed internationally.

So, I know it’s last minute, but you have until tomorrow to get tickets to his presentation at half price. Full prices are : $80 (Institute Members), $70 (A+ Institute Members), $65 (Graduate,Retired, Academic, Overseas Members), $40 (SONA Members), $100 (Non-Members) and $70 (Student Non-Members), so half price is a pretty good deal.

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3 thoughts on “Kevin Mark Low Tickets Half Price

  1. I seriously get nearly ALL my architectural updates from your website as I subscribed to your email newsletter. I wouldn’t have known otherwise! THANKS and keep up the good work! 🙂

      • No worries! I need to let you know how important this website is especially when you are not an architecture student or in an A+ RAIA Institute firm (which means you wouldn’t get the RAIA emails about events!). I also read your entry about Formworks’s Lime Street some time ago and sent the link to Kelly. She loved it! -Vanessa C.

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