Accessibility for the new WA Museum

As you may be aware, plans are currently afoot for a new WA Museum at the Cultural Centre. This Saturday afternoon, the Museum is running a workshop on disability access for the new museum in their desire ‘to go beyond complying with accessibility standards, and make sure the New Museum is a world leader in every way.’

They are inviting participants to give their thoughts on this issue, which I think is particularly important. Especially when you consider the number of people now with sensory issues, learning difficulties, autism/ Aspergers… It would be great to get away from thinking disabled means in a wheelchair, and realise that everyone deserves inclusion and methods taken within the built environment can enhance many people’s lives.

The session size is limited so you need to register. All participants receive a ticket to the Secrets of the Afterlife: Magic, Mummies and Immortality in Ancient Egypt exhibition.

Refer to the website for more information and to book your spot.


2 thoughts on “Accessibility for the new WA Museum

  1. I’m encouraged by how much effort the team are going to. They’ve had similar sessions with kids, teens and adults to get an idea of what people want to see. With the size of the site and the budget this has the potential to be a landmark building for Perth. It will be interesting to see how the designs incorporate the heritage buildings on the site.

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