Celebrating some great young West Aussie talent

Ok, I’ve been holding off on posting this as I thought the Institute would make some kind of official announcement. But after a week of no news, where they have sent out like three e-newsletters, and as it is already known around the internet…

A massive congratulations to this year’s WA Emerging Architect Prize winner, Carly Barrett of HASSELL. This is a really great decision, based on the success of Open House Perth after only it’s first year, it’s clear Carly has been instrumental in promoting architecture in Perth (and beyond). It’s been great to see all the work she has put in to not only promoting the event, but also getting people to think more about design and the built environment. She is very deserving of this year’s award. Read more here. (Link to be updated when the Institute publishes something!)

Also awarded this year is the inaugural Gil Nicol Travel Prize, which includes return tickets to the Venice Biennale, and an opportunity for overseas travel and study. Well done to Jenni Officer and Trevor Woods on winning this award. More info here. (As above!)


One thought on “Celebrating some great young West Aussie talent

  1. thanks for the post, i think open house is a great initiative, so congratulations to carly for getting it up and keeping it going.

    how very sad that there has been no official news or congratulations from the institute.

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