Don’t forget…

This weekend is Open House Perth . Get your walking shoes and sunscreen out of storage, charge the camera batteries, download the maps and enjoy some of the fine Perth buildings open this weekend. I can’t wait. Though of course I am now in the hard part of trying to decide which places to visit. So many choices. And I need to remember this year to allow a bit of flexibility to account for the places with the loooooong lines. So where to start? This year I intend to plan my route in advance, rather than the mad dash last-minute wander I attempted last year… Well that’s the theory anyway…So far on my to-do list this year are the Mt Eliza Apartments, Brookfield Place, King St Studio, CCN’s offices, Moana Chambers, the Old Treasury Buildings, the Concert Hall, Foundation Housing, Rialto Apartments, the WA Ballet School…hmmm, it’s only two days right???!! We’ll see. What are your must-sees this year?

There are also activities for the junior architecture lovers in your lives, with Open House Junior Lane located at 670 Hay St Mall (adjacent to the Nike store).

Visit the information centre in Forrest Place and see the OPH volunteers build a cardboard replica of Council House. And in the middle of the cultural centre you’ll find Perthland, a mini village of decorated cubby houses and exciting short architectural films on the big screen. There’s also a treasure hunt, being organised in conjunction with Spacemarket, so keep your eyes on their Facebook page for that one.

And…(yes there’s more) you also have the opportunity to see things that aren’t really there, without even needed to buy booze first. In the Perth Cultural Centre, Brookfield Place and the Wesley Quarter, you can use your smartphone / tablet to see different views of the city via augmented reality. You just need to download the app before you head out : on android or apple

And finally there is #studiolifeline This is a great initiative. The idea is a group of creative professionals will prepare a Christmas campaign for Lifeline WA, from concept to fruition, over 48 hours of the Open House weekend. The project will involve social media, photography, video and design, and the creative process will be open for the public to observe, and interact with. It’s all happening at 243 Fitzgerald St, Northbridge, so head on down and see how different designers work behind the scenes.

So that’s the weekend sorted… Have a good one!


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