It’s 2014!

What the? How did we get to 2014? Where are our jetpacks and robots?

And what’s been happening in the architectural world in Perth?

So I will do a proper post soon but here’s some quick information I can share with you now:

Perth Design, Planning and Construction

  • The Building Commission has prepared a guidenote to look at the interface between Planning Approvals and Building Permits, and are looking for comment from the public before this is officially released. Comments should be emailed to prior to 31 January 2014.
  • The Committee for Perth believes that Proper Design is Needed to Cope with Growth in Perth. (Correct)
  • The new Institute WA Chapter Council President is Phil Griffiths, who will take over from David Karotkin in May. Peter Hobbs, Trent Woods and Carolyn Marshall have been re-elected to Chapter Council, joined by new councillors David Hillam and Nic Brunsdon.
  • Apparently there are major changes planned to the Curtin Uni architecture course, with reduced studio hours and staff cutbacks. But I haven’t seen anything official – anyone know if this is right or just scaremongering?

Awards / Scholarships

Events Coming Up


7 thoughts on “It’s 2014!

  1. Staffing is definitely a problem for Curtin this year but the issue isn’t as simple as cutbacks. The online course handbook still notes 10 hours a week for the design unit in first year, so they can’t change studio hours three weeks before semester begins, right?

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