Perth Planning Policy

So lets see how collaborative Perth’s architecture community can be. I’d like to see some discussions happening on local issues, and see if we can get some reasonable input and a range of opinions. Where else do you get that opportunity?

So my question this month is:

What one Planning Policy would you implement in Perth to create better civic places?

I’ll start it off. One thing I’d like to see implemented in the Perth CBD is all new multi-storey developments, particularly residential but also commercial, should have a much higher percentage open space. Lets say 20-25%. Not necessarily public space but external, accessible covered open space, usable by either the public, or the tenants or homeowners residing/working in the buildings. This would have environmental benefits as these areas could be used to temper incoming air, to shade glazing, to eliminate the wind tunnel effect through the centre of town. Plus the social and aesthetic benefits. We have such a fantastic climate we should utilise our outdoor spaces more.


3 thoughts on “Perth Planning Policy

  1. This type of arrangement is typical in european cities, like Prague, or Oslo. Zero setbacks at the front, five or six levels, courtyard space at the back. Works a treat.

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