I added a heap of Events today – looks like November’s going to be busy! Check them out on the right.


6 thoughts on “Events

  1. THANK YOU, this is SUPER DUPER USEFUL X1000000000! I sincerely only rely on you for all my architecture in Perth news! Thanks heaps.

  2. Is there going to be anything on the new Perth stadium? Surely I can’t be the only one to be staggered that such an expensive overbudget pile could look so utterly cheap and crappy? Who is responsible for this Disaster? It’s like they have gone out of their way to make it look like a low budget shed. We tore down the Entertainment Centre for this?

  3. You’re an idiot “the lazy Aussie” (if you should call yourself aussie at all). Im not involved with the building or the architects but can easily tell that the multicoloured sheeting is clearly not what the outside skin of the building is going to be.

    Im sure it is overpriced, but thats what happens when you are finally allowed to do something different. You probably would have done it in tilt-up, wouldnt you?

    Grow a brain and stop being so negative.

  4. oh how opinions will change when this building finally opens to the public. This will be a lasting Perth building. I hate to use the word iconic, but it may well turn out to be. The interiors look stunning.

    People will always complain. We go cheap and get the convention centre – people complain. We choose a stunning design – people complain.

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