Crowdsourcing Open House Perth 2014

The brilliant Open House Perth extravaganza is on this year on the weekend of November 1st – 2nd. The last two years have been so successful, and it would be great for this to continue. So the OPH team are now looking for your help to make a super successful weekend. Here are some of the ways you can be involved.

Volunteer your time on the day to help out with people management and telling the public about Perth’s amazing built environment. See here for more info.

Submit a suggestion for a place to visit. Even better if it’s one of your own! Submit your suggestions here

And if you’re an architect working in or around Perth, how about opening up your studio to the masses? You never know who will walk through your door.

Become a sponsor like these other great partners. Find out more here

Become a friend of Open House Perth by helping support their Pozible campaign. Rewards include advance copy programmes, posters, tshirts, ‘jump the queue’ passes and lots of thanks. A great initiative for anyone who wants to help this not-for-profit event, from individuals to architects / studios who want to give back.

This is just some ways you can be involved. Follow the OHP team on Twitter or Facebook to find out more. I hope you can all get behind this amazing event, and look forward to seeing you there!


One thought on “Crowdsourcing Open House Perth 2014

  1. Open House Perth’s Pozible Campaign is very crucial to the event, the more money we can raise the more we can do as an organisation to promote WA design on a local, national and international stage – We would greatly appreciate your support for the event.

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